Petz’s 18-year history can be divided into three phases: (i) birth and childhood, (ii) teenage years and (iii) adulthood.

The first phase, which marks our birth and childhood, was from August 17, 2002, when the Company was founded under the Pet Center Marginal brand in the city of São Paulo, until 2013. This first stage was marked by growth, achievements, many joyful moments and irreverence with the Sergião Show, dice games and roulette. We unquestionably consolidated ourselves as the second largest pet operation in Brazil! On the other hand, just as “messes” are also inherent to the childhood years, we lacked processes, our controls were fragile and we did not have a standardized operation.

The second phase, our teenage years, was marked by the partnership with private equity fund Warburg Pincus, in 2013. Along with the creation of the Petz brand and a new store concept, we became more professionalized and improved the Company’s corporate governance structure and management indicators. It was during this period that we implemented the planograms, began to “fill gaps” in our shelf spaces and introduced a collector tool to control inventory, among other initiatives. Thus, we learned to operate our stores with excellence, which allowed us to speed up new store openings and expand to new regions in Brazil. These initiatives also served as a basis for our store digitization and integration process with E-commerce through an Omnichannel, during a period when specialists advised us to separate the physical and online environments.

Our platform has become a reference not only in the Brazilian retail segment, but also worldwide, due to our high Omnichannel index. In addition, we created the Seres brand, reinforcing our commitment to excellence at our veterinary centers, and consolidated Adote Petz as the largest adoption project in Brazil, which also promoted the donation of more than R$ 1 million to animal causes, in partnership with Editora Mol and Instituto Arredondar. All this evolution has been recognized through several awards and evaluations from suppliers, employees and, most importantly, our customers. We work together focused on achieving goals and our ambitious vision that is to “Become the largest and best pet shop chain in Latin America, ranking among the top 5 largest operations globally by 2020”. We surpassed the R$ 1 billion in sales and 100 stores marks, and we are currently present in 15 Brazilian states, in addition to the Federal District, making us the largest pet shop chain in Latin America!

Finally, the third phase, which began in September 2020 after we turned 18, establishes the start of the Company’s adulthood. This new stage marks the Company’s maturity through its IPO, confident that a diverse investor base is the best way for this new growth cycle. As a publicly listed company, we will develop new sources of financing and further improve our corporate governance levels and practices. We aim to continue to expand our operations throughout the country, enhance our Petz Solution platform, which seeks to meet all the needs of pets and their tutors in both physical and digital channels, and therefore become the best company in the segment worldwide, while always maintaining our essence, which is to focus on animal wellness.